What are the advantages of metallic constructions?

  1.  There are standard and individual designs. An offer can be made in accordance with the client’s preferences and tastes.
  2. They create a constructive, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere by leaving a pleasant impression in the guest's memory.
  3. Given the strength of this material, it can be used in many products, such as doors, windows, winter gardens, railings.
  4. Resistance to weather conditions, regardless of the environment.
  5. It increase the value of the space where roof, mezzanine or fence systems applied. It’s financially advantageous.
  6. Metal products may vary depending on the project and design. Given this, constructions can adapt to any projects and even form their own design. This is very difficult to achieve that due to the specific forms of other products.
  7. Products have many fields of use and ensure the integrity of perception with other constructions.
  8. Cleaning and painting of products are made easily. These products, which show wearout in accordance with the quality of the dye, our company care about quality materials and extends its service life.
  9. Ferrous products offered at a very competitive price compared to other materials.

Ferrous Joinery Usage Areas

Metallic products is a products that is used in construction and is valued for its strength. Their use in many applications due to ability to the size adaptation and withstand weather conditions.

Steel, Error Free

All parts of the steel construction produced on computer controlled machines after calculations. Quality control carried out at every stage of production, the margin of error is negligible.

Steel, Hassle-Free

There are no uncertainties in the construction, long lasting periods, rising costs, lack of qualified personnel and other problems. In addition, due to the steel structure ground there is no risk of lightning strike.

Steel, Reliable

We were the first who used steel for the American frame houses construction in Turkey. Today we have hundreds of applications and the only ones who carry out this work by the manufacture of frame villas.

Steel, Solid

The material does not reduce the influence of the magnetic field in the natural environment and helps our body to be healthy for many years. Thanks to the high heat and sound insulation, it helps not to be affected by external factors such as heat, cold and noise.

Steel, No Hazard of Lightning

The steel structure, unlike other systems, does not attract lightning. Due to the fact that the protective installation reduces the risk of explosion, minor fire and personal injury, creating grounding.

Ferrous Gate
Demir Doğrama Bahçe Kapısı
Ferrous Door
Demir Doğrama Kapı
Metallic Carport
Demir Doğrama Otopark
Metal Constructions
Demir Doğrama
Steel Construction Mezzanine
Çelik Konstrüksiyon Asma Kat