Guillotine Glazing Windows
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Guillotine Glazing Project
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Guillotine Glazing
giyotin cam sistemleri

Bodrum Guillotine Systems
Guillotine Glass Window and Door systems have high security standards.
The patented guillotine system with 3 engines ensures uninterrupted operation and a high level of security. An additional counterweight, used 1/2 'chain or special belt.

Opening and closing the guillotine glazing is provided by a button or a controlled module.
Glass with a high degree of protection with TEMPARED and / or TEMPERED and LAMINATED on both sides used in guillotine panels in accordance with international and European standards.

The thickness of the glass used in the guillotine system complies with international standards.
8 mm. In addition, (4/14/4) 22 mm insulating glass is used.

The guillotine system provides the ability to stop in the right position with automated opening and closing.

Only in Guillotine windows when the system is gathered down it could act as a railing.
IIn accordance with statutory standards, individual sizes and special designs are available and constructed according to the wind loads.

Use the guillotine glazing system to make the balcony safer for children and family.
Guillotine windows: that systems consisting of 2 and 3 panels with 66% clearance. The 2 upper panels located in front of the lower panel which fixed. Maximum dimensions: 4.00 m wide and 3.50 m high.

Guillotine glass doors: these are 4 panels with 75% clearance. The lower 3 panels assembled behind the upper pane which fixed and after opening can be used as a door. Maximum dimensions: 4.00 m wide and 3.50 m high.

Guillotine systems have standard size. But can be made customized.
The rail system and frame made of T6063-F22 aluminum profile and T6063-F25 special profile.

The panels have a minimalist design and a thickness of 39.4 mm. They are made from a patented sigma and a rdemontable structural profile that is used worldwide.
220V AC or 380V AC, 50/60 Hz motor have 24 V DC control system. Or reservoir system is used.


Guillotine glazing is an alternative for traditional types of restaurants and cafes.
The minimalistic design and the lack of a vertical profile allows you to have a wide view using the entire width of the space.
You can open and close guillotine windows and doors with one touch, without disturbing guests.
Even when the guillotine window systems are fully opened they are safety.
The edge of the glass increases the range of application, allows you to have more tables and made panoramic views more effective.
Control the flow of fresh air through the guillotine systems! Do not disturb guests by exposing them to winds! Make your stay more comfortable by opening guillotine windows as needed.
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Opened Guillotine Glass Window
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Closed Guillotine Glass Window
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