-ALTECA offers you aesthetic, durable, useful and high-quality solutions.

-The fact that aluminum profiles, which specially made for winter gardens, pergolas and balconies, can be controlled manually or by remote control, makes these solutions convenient for living, whether it be your garden, your home or workplace.

-TEMPERED GLASS; Tempered glass is used to decorate the conservatory, pergolas, covered balconies (folding glass sliding glass), glass doors and photocell systems.

-LAMINATED GLASS; The use of laminated glass in shop windows, facades and office partitions is necessary when the glass is under the influence of something, it is destroyed as soon as a crack forms.

-TEMPERED MULTILAYERED GLASS; Tempered laminated glass treated specially. Just like automobile windshields, they do not crumble in the event of damage.

Revolving Doors with Photocells
Fotoselli Döner Kapı
Door Systems with Photocells
fotoselli kapı
Folding Glazing
katlanır cam
Sliding Glass
sürgülü cam
Guillotine Glass
giyotin cam